Best 5 Ergonomic Chairs for Office or Work from Home
Best 5 Ergonomic Chairs for Office or Work from Home

There are numerous options available on the market, making it difficult to choose the best office chairs under 5000 in India for both home and workplace use. When purchasing one, there are a few crucial components that you must look for.

You need the greatest office chair for working from home since it should support your back all day long so you can get work done without any issues.

Choosing the incorrect office chair can be a serious error and cause several back issues. Your posture may be ruined as well.

Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of all the top office chairs in India for less than 5000 INR so you don’t have to spend hours doing research. To help you save your valuable time and money, we took care of everything.

The greatest office chairs under 5000 are listed in this article so you can pick the one that works for you and your workspace.

List of the top office chairs in India for under 5000 INR

Chair ModelWeight capacityWarrantyBuy Now
Green Soul Seoul Office Chair90kg 1 yearAmazon
FURNICOM CHAIRS™ Armo Mid Back Office Chair100kg1 yearAmazon
Amazon Brand – Solimo Accord Chair110kg3 YearAmazon
SAVYA HOME Apollo Medium Back Ergonomic Office Chair100kgCustomer Care Number: +919811001822Amazon
CELLBELL® Tyto C103 Mesh Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Chair105kg1 yearAmazon
Best 5 Ergonomic Chairs for Office or Work from Home

Green Soul Seoul Office Chair

Best 5 Ergonomic Chairs for Office or Work from Home

Key Features

  • High-Quality Breathable Mesh
  • Molded Foam Seat
  • Comfortable Armrests
  • 4 color options available
  • Customer Support
  • 1-year warranty

This office chair is for you if you’re seeking for a dependable option with strong back support and adjustability.

The backrest support on the GreenSoul Seoul Mid Back Mesh Office Chair is very high. For your comfort, this office chair offers a fully covered mesh back support that is also named. Your office chair’s tilt tension knob controls how easily or difficult it is to recline.

In addition, the office chair’s backrest incorporates a flexible mesh covering to preserve airflow over extended periods of work. The office chair’s intricate design is really impressive, and its all-black hue further adds to its coolness. Additionally, the seat contains moulded foam mesh that conforms to the contours of your body for comfortable seating.

The curved armrest is wider than typical office chairs and has an ergonomic shape. Your height can be changed more easily thanks to pneumatic height adjustments. The nylon base of this office chair is not only attractive but also incredibly strong.

Twin-tone hues on the dual caster wheels make them move smoothly and also roll your mind by drawing your attention to them. The GreenSoul office chair has a weight capacity of 90 kg with ease.

It comes in the following four colours: BLACK, MAROON, ORANGE, and GREY.

FURNICOM CHAIRS™ Armo Mid Back Office Chair

Best 5 Ergonomic Chairs for Office or Work from Home

Key Features

  • Pneumatic control
  • High Quality Cushion Back 
  • Thick Molded foam
  • Eliminating heat

This office chair’s High-Quality Cushion Back and Thick Molded Foam on the Seat with Fabric Upholstery offers support while also preventing heat and moisture build-up to keep your entire body cool and comfortable. Pull the lever outwards to recline and press it inwards to stop at a 90° lock only in the tilt mode. Height Adjustment: Pneumatic control makes it simpler to raise or lower the seat.

The chair includes a height-adjustable feature and a premium hydraulic piston with smooth operation & a long lifespan.

Comfortable materials are used to create a nice ergonomic chair. The user’s back shouldn’t perspire when wearing the material.

An ergonomic chair’s swivel aids users’ movement, making it simpler to reach various desk locations without exerting too much effort.

Your chair’s tilt-tension knob lets you adjust how easily or forcefully it rocks back.

Excellent mobility is made possible by the smooth rolling of the 50mm casters, which work well on both carpeted and hard floors.

Solimo Accord office Chair

Best 5 Ergonomic Chairs for Office or Work from Home

Key Features

  • Synchro tilt mechanism
  • adjustable lumbar support
  • seat with a soft pad 
  • high-quality upholstery fabric

Ergonomic Design: For increased comfort, the Solimo Accord Mid Back Mesh office chair has an adjustable lumbar support and a Synchro tilt mechanism with a single locking feature. You can position the armrest however feels most comfortable for you by adjusting it up and down. lumbar support that is adjustable.

Great Comfort: A soft pad to provide comfort; a comfortable back support; and Universal arms fastened to the seat. A multi-functional headrest that allows for front, back, up, and down movement to enhance your comfort. made from upholstery fabric of the highest quality and abrasion resistance. premium-quality, toxic-free and dangerous material.

SAVYA HOME Apollo Medium Back Ergonomic Office Chair
Best 5 Ergonomic Chairs for Office or Work from Home

Key features

  • 2D Lumbar Support
  • Sturdy and robust mirror finish steel Base
  • Premium Fabric
  • Tilt tension control
  • smooth rolling nylon wheels

Apollo Meshback – Among the highest-quality meshbacks, Apollo Meshback has the best ergonomic shape and offers all-day comfort. Meshback is the focus of attention wherever it is kept due to its most ergonomic shape and superior aesthetics, which include crisp appearance and a dual tone finish.

Universal – You can use it for home offices, schools, businesses, gaming, etc. Simply put, it fits everywhere.

The greatest base for a chair is one that is sturdy and durable with a mirror finish. The best of all the bases is aesthetics. Extreme stability is provided by the heaviest structure. It provides nearly endless life. Most weather issues are not a problem for it. It offers the best range of motion and stability. The chrome base and easily manoeuvrable nylon wheels are a wonderful match. They offer the best rotating and rotation.

Maximum coverage and appealing aesthetics are provided by the dual tone premium T-type armrest.

Soft, upholstered 2D adjustable lumbar support that can be adjusted in depth and up and down positions. offers the greatest manoeuvrability. Made of specially developed material that gives the lower back proper support and eases back strain over extended periods of sitting.

Tilt Mechanism – The chair has a unique tilt mechanism that allows you to tilt your back and modify the height of the seat. The chair may be locked and unlocked with a single multifunction lever that can also be used to modify the seat height by rotating it upward. The chair also has a feature that lets you adjust the tilt tension by tightening and loosening a spherical knob on the mechanism.

A hot-pressed bent plywood seat covered in premium fabric and high-density polyurethane foam provides the chair’s comfortable seat.

CELLBELL® Tyto C103 Mesh Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Chair

Best 5 Ergonomic Chairs for Office or Work from Home

Key Features

  • 2 inch Thick Foam Cushion Padded Seat
  • Pneumatic Hydraulic
  • Breathable contoured Mesh Back Fabric
  • Sturdy Metal Base for extra strength
  • Padded Arm-rest

The CELLBELL® Tyto C103 can be an excellent alternative if you’re looking for the best chair for your home office. You can sit comfortably in this chair, and as a result, you will have a very comfortable stay.

CELLBELL is a good posture for sitting down. For added comfort, the Tyto Chair offers the best possible sitting positions.

Seat and Base: 2 inch thick foam cushion padded seat with 3 inch seat height adjustment and breathable contoured mesh fabric. The chair also comes with a sturdy metal base for increased stability.

Lumbar adjustments can be pushed upwards or downwards to provide superior back support.

How to select the best office chair in India for less than 5000 rupees – Buying Guide

You must keep a few crucial factors in mind when selecting the best office chair for under 5,000 INR. You cannot simply purchase any office chair and anticipate ultimate comfort.


It’s difficult to find a truly decent backrest in this pricing range, so I have to say. I shall thus suggest that you use a mesh office chair. back support so that you don’t perspire while sitting for an extended period of time to time.

Lumbar support

Always choose a chair with a supportive lumbar area so that your back is well-supported as you work. Long-term spinal damage can result from sitting for extended periods of time in an office chair with inadequate lumbar support. Choosing the right ergonomic chair is crucial for this reason.


Any office chair in this price range of 5,000 INR won’t have a lot of adjustability. But make sure you get a chair with at least height and backrest adjustments.

Seat quality

Select a chair with a seat cushion that is at least 2 inches thick so that you may sit comfortably for an extended period of time.


All of these office chairs include a lever for adjusting the height, although some of them lack lumbar support due to their affordability. You will receive a decent chair with mesh fabric upholstery at this price. Amazon Basics and HOF India office chairs include leatherette upholstery if mesh cloth is not your cup of tea. Small offices and other uses should be suitable for this price range. Extremely of these chairs have a weight capability of over 100 kg, making them all comfortable for extended periods. I hope you managed to locate the right one for your room.

There are several options, some of which are rather expensive, for purchasing office chairs online. Everyone appreciates a practical choice that may meet their needs.

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